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How to Clean Neoprene Bag?

Are you a bag lover like us who loves adding every trendy bag to your collection? And don’t you buy them just to increase your collection, but to level up your style game in every event? If yes, then you must have at least a few neoprene bags in your closet, which are certainly the latest fashion. Neoprene bags, either messenger, totes, or beach bags, are amazing to carry anywhere. However, many people don’t know how to clean neoprene bags, which sometimes makes maintaining them difficult. Here we discuss how to clean a neoprene bag. Follow along:

Do I Need to Wash My Neoprene Tote?

Neoprene bags are strong and durable, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need care and maintenance. Going days and months of regular use without washing and cleaning neoprene bags can harm them. And this can also lead to fading of the print, and you might end up losing your favorite bag. You can’t let your expensive neoprene totes go to waste like this. And don’t worry because we will tell you the easiest way to maintain your neoprene bags to keep them in their best condition.

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How to Clean Neoprene Bag?

Neoprene bags need proper care when you clean them because they can’t tolerate harsh washing. You should wash them with sane gentle love as you wash your adorable dress. Harsh detergents and strong washing can damage the material and fade the print of your neoprene bags, so be careful while cleaning them.

Here is a cleaning procedure with some tips that can never go wrong for neoprene bags.

1. Clean and Fill the Tub

Clean the sink or tub (wherever you are going to wash your tote) and fill it with cold or lukewarm water.

2. Add Cleaner and Wet the Neoprene Bag

Add mild detergent or cleaner to the water and stir it to mix. Then put the bag in it and swirl it in water to ensure that every inch of the fabric gets wet.

3. Use a Spot Remover Cleaner

Add a gentle antibacterial spot remover in case of any sturdy food stains, and using your hands or a soft brush, scrub the stains off of your bag.

3. Let it Soak

Soak the bag in the soapy water and let it sit for around 15 to 30 minutes.

4. Scrub the Bag

After soaking, start softly scrubbing the bag with a brush and massage with your hand to remove any dirt or stains left.

5. Rinse off

Rinse the bag off with cold water. Remove every bit of cleaner from all inner corners of the neoprene bag by turning it inside out.

6. Remove Water and Let Dry

Remove water from the bag fabric by patting it with light hands. Now, hang the bag upside down on a coat stand, lay it flat in its original shape, and let it dry. It will take approx. 1-2 days to air dry.

Note: Never use bleach and hard scrubbing brushes on neoprene fabric to avoid damaging and cracking the bag.

Can You Wash a Neoprene Bag in a Washing Machine?

Yes, you can surely wash a neoprene tote in a washer, but only one with matte finishes because it is unsuitable for bags with metallic fasteners. It is because the metal shine might fade away and get some scratches in the washing machine.

Cleaning a neoprene bag in a washer is quite similar to hand washing. Only skip the soaking step as it doesn’t need to soak the bag in this process. Simply add a small quantity of mild detergent and enough water to the washer and wash the bag at a gentle speed. Let the bag swirl and spin in soapy water for a few cycles. Keep expanding the bag in between whenever it gets tangled or curled up in the washer so it will be washed evenly. Rinse the soap off and hang the bag to dry.

Dos and don’ts

Every process has some restrictions, and so does maintaining neoprene bags. How to clean a neoprene bag? Here are the dos and don’ts to strictly follow when cleaning and washing neoprene bags,


  • Before you start washing the bag, always read the washing instructions provided by the brand for neoprene material.
  • Use mild detergents or cleaners when washing your neoprene bags to protect them from harsh chemicals.
  • Always wash neoprene messenger bags and totes with cold or lukewarm water.
  • Before putting the bag in a washer, always prefer washing neoprene totes by hand.
  • Always wash the bags thoroughly with your hands to remove all the absorbed dust.
  • Use low-speed settings whenever you wash your neoprene bag in a washing machine.
  • After washing, dry the neoprene bags in the open air or your room.
  • When not in use, store neoprene bags in dust bags to keep them freshly cleaned always.


  • Never leave the neoprene totes in water or soapy water to soak for several hours or overnight.
  • Don’t dry your neoprene bags in sunlight or excess heat, as neoprene might crack when left in direct sunlight for hours. Over-exposure to heat is capable of damaging neoprene.
  • Make sure to never use harsh chemical detergents and cleaners on your neoprene tote bags to give them a longer life.
  • Don’t ever wash neoprene bags with metallic fasteners in washing machines to avoid color fading and scratch marks on the metal.
  • Never use hot water to wash your neoprene crossbody bag and totes, as it can easily damage the material and will cut its life short.
  • Avoid any kind of contact of your neoprene totes with alcohol, oil, and acetone.  
  • Don’t use laundry scrubbing brushes with hard or harsh bristles for washing a neoprene or even any other bag.


Q1: How to remove creases from my neoprene bag?

A neoprene bag can get creases if not dried correctly or when you put something heavy on it. To remove them, you only need to use a steamer on the creases in a downward direction. And you can easily get rid of those ugly creases this way.

Q2: How long does it take for neoprene bags to dry?

Neoprene bags take a little longer to dry than other bags because of the material. For a neoprene bag, 2 days are enough to completely dry, especially when you remove water after washing.

Q3: Are neoprene bags washable or not?

Many people wonder if neoprene tote bags are washable or not; yes, they are and are very easy to wash and clean. You can wash them in a washing machine or hand wash them using cold water and gentle detergent.

Q4: How to get rid of pilling from my neoprene tote?

When a rough material like canvas or denim keeps scratching or rubbing neoprene, it can get pills on it. To remove them from your neoprene bag, simply use a fabric shaver on the pilling. Ensure to use light strokes as you would on a woolen sweater.

Final Words

Neoprene bags catch very little dust, but when used on a daily basis, they will certainly need a proper cleaning treatment. Here we have discussed how to clean neoprene a bag. And when you know how to clean neoprene bags, your life becomes easy, and your neoprene tote’s life gets extended. Neoprene bags are durable, and you can keep them in their original shape as long as you sincerely care for them.

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